We provide safe, high-quality product handling and facility operations.

We specialize in providing cost-effective systems and solutions tailored to meet the needs of leading refiners, chemical producers, marine transportation providers, and terminal/midstream operators.


Tankerman Services

services-tankerman74As the largest and oldest tankerman service in North America, Petroleum Service Corporation provides Coast Guard-certified tankermen to ensure the safe transfer of refined, chemical, and liquefied gas cargoes to and from vessels. Our tankermen serve a critical role in our nation’s refining and chemical industry network, handling more than 35,000 barge transfers annually. Our tankerman services are available 24/7/365 by calling our Dispatch Department toll-free at 1-844-441-1987.

Plant & Terminal Operations

services-ptoPetroleum Service Corporation provides a full range of product handling services at major oil refineries, chemical plants, and storage terminals, including railcar and truck loading and unloading, warehouse packaging, and drumming. We also provide logistics support for tank farm, terminal, and pipeline operations. PSC was the first rail switching contractor to be certified by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), and we provide rail switching services at more than 30 sites.

Dock Operations

dock-opsOn a contract basis, Petroleum Service Corporation provides qualified personnel to operate more than 85 marine dock facilities, ranging from large, multi-berth refinery docks managed around-the-clock, to smaller terminals staffed on-call. We specialize in handling product transfers of a wide variety of hazardous chemicals, oil and refined products, and liquefied gases. Our marine operations are known for their quality and efficiency and have earned the U.S. Coast Guard’s highest awards for environmental safety.

Crude-by-Rail Operations

crude-railAs shipments of crude oil by rail have increased significantly over the past several years, PSC has expanded its services to help our customers succeed in this new arena. We now handle crude-by-rail operations at more than a dozen facilities, offering expertise in unit train, manifest train, and terminal operations. Our operations include handling shipments of heavy Canadian Bitumen, lighter crudes, and LPG. We also offer support for commissioning and start-up.